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Freshwater Aquarium Maintenance Service (Once a Month)

Freshwater Aquarium Maintenance Service (Once a Month)

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This base price of service covers the cost of doing a freshwater water change with my own store made water. In this service you will get a professional aquarium maintenance that will overall benefit the health of your tank. We will clean your glass and lightly clean your equipment (please inquire if you need your equipment heavily cleaned) while doing a water change with the water volume you select.

If you have a 55 gallon tank and select 5 gallons then I cannot promise you will see more than a dent. With this service you get what you pay for, so if your tank needs a light touch up select a smaller water volume percentage. If you haven’t cleaned your tank in weeks/months then definitely choose the larger volume percentage for your specific tank so you can get back to enjoying the hobby.

I usually recommend a minimum of a 25% water change weekly for heavily planted tanks or 30% bi-weekly for lightly planted tanks. Some plants like anubias, crypts, worts, and other hardy plants may be able to thrive in tanks that get a 50% water change monthly.

The store made water will include minerals & nutrients specifically from Seachem’s Aquavitro. This will remineralize the 0 TDS RODI water we use, as this combination assures there will be NO harsh contaminants in the water for the fish. 

Some people have us come once every week, once every month, or once every 6 months. The choice is yours here as you are able to purchase a professional service at a base price whenever you’d like. Once you purchase please make sure to fill out your contact info so I can get in contact with you to schedule a date and confirm whether you’d like to use our hard water (16 dGH 8 dKH) or our soft water (3 dGH 1.5 dKH).

If you don’t see an option that suites your needs then please contact the store at (860)717-4021 and let us know if you need more water volume changed, need filter media replacements, or need any other additional services to the basic ones provided!

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