Collection: Bettas (Siamese Fighting Fish)

Bettas are a great fish for any aquarist. They can live alone in smaller tanks (minimum of 3 gallons), or they can live in a community tank if given enough terriroty and hiding places. Females can be housed together in sororities, but a 20 gallon tank is a minimum requirement to house more than 2 female bettas together. Though these fish are sold in cups, they can not live in unfiltered and unheated water for long periods of time. Bettas live for around seven years, but if stressed into using their labyrinth organ to breathe oxygen due to poor water conditions, then their lifespan shortens drastically. Bettas also release growth hormones that will stunt their own growth and other fishes growth and often leads to fin rot when kept in small bowls. Water changes, filtration, and proper tankmates are all important factors in keeping a betta alive and thriving.