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Lamarck’s Angelfish - YoCamron’s Aquatics


At YoCamron's Aquatics, our dedication lies in delivering the pinnacle of aquatic health to our valued customers. Our founder, leveraging over two decades of profound experience in the aquarium realm and an extensive background in marine biology, has crafted a series of rigorous quarantine procedures that guarantee the wellness and vigor of our marine and freshwater offerings.

We take pride in our specialty—providing fully quarantined fish, corals, and invertebrates, treated through a meticulous medication regimen including nitrofurazone and kanamycin for bacterial and fungal afflictions, fenbendazole and levamisole for deworming, copper and chloroquine phosphate against ich, and formalin for combating external parasites. Our commitment goes beyond delivering the healthiest aquatic life; we aim to imbue our community with our deep-rooted expertise and enthusiasm for aquatic ecosystems.

We carefully select a limited range of supplies, only endorsing products backed by our personal success stories. With two decades in the hobby, we offer sage advice for maintaining a harmonious tank, steering clear of superfluous gear. Trust in our services and curated product lineup to prevent the common headaches associated with disease-prone fish and unreliable equipment, ensuring a serene and thriving aquatic experience.