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Introducing YoCamron’s Aquatics, where we specialize in providing the healthiest aquarium livestock for enthusiasts! Boasting a robust 45 to 76-day quarantine process, validated by scientific methods, we guarantee vibrant fish and invertebrates free from diseases. Our meticulous care extends to eliminating internal and external parasites, along with preventive measures for fungal and bacterial issues.

Meet our owner-operator, Cameron Atherton, a seasoned Marine Biologist with over two decades of experience in the hobby. His expertise ensures that YoCamron’s Aquatics is your trusted source for top-quality aquatic life. For those employing reliable quarantine methods, we offer competitively priced fish sourced directly from wholesalers. While these may not come with our standard 48-hour guarantee, they present a budget-friendly option for acquiring your favorite species.

At YoCamron’s, our commitment lies in delivering excellence and ensuring your aquarium thrives with vitality and well-being. Immerse yourself in a world of aquatic excellence with us!