About Us


YoCamron's Aquatics is a small aquaculture business specializing in all marine life and most freshwater life as well. Our goal is to provide corals, fish, plants, and invertebrates to all reefers in the United States with little or no impact to the natural reefs in the ocean. 

Through propagation of aquacultured and responsibly collected aquatic life, we are able to supply local businesses and reefers with creatures that are cultured to the parameters of a home aquarium. This means any fish and corals you buy from us have minimal chance at carrying any diseases or pests.

We have almost 300 gallons in saltwater and an 850 gallon pond, all of which have pest control to ensure our systems are kept clear in the rare occasions that any pests or diseases pass through our acclimation processes. This means keeping harlequin shrimp for asterina starfish, scarlet reef hermit crabs for hair algae, foxface fish for bubble algae, dipping corals for nudibranchs and other pests, uv sterilizers for ich, and other precautionary measures to make the chance minimal of anything bad coming into your tank. 

Of course there is always the slight chance, so we encourage everyone to follow quarantine and acclimation processes as best as they can

About the Founder

Cameron Atherton has a background in communications and marine bio. In 2005 at the age of 7 our neighbor was being deployed in the Marines so he gave us his 75 gallon saltwater tank that put my foot in the doorstep of this hobby. Since then, I have kept a wide variety of aquatic life in reef tanks, planted tanks, ponds, terrariums, and vivariums.

In 2014, I had gotten my first aquatics job at Pet Supplies Plus, a pet store in Connecticut with a smaller aquatics section. Here, I was able to perfect my skill at maintaining a retail system that has connected units. I also was able to learn how to order fish, maintain customer relations with great customer service and special ordering any request made, plus acclimating fish to a retail system.  

In 2016, I had pursued my student athlete dream and went to Maine to play 3 years of college soccer and major in Marine Biology and Communications. When I wasn't playing soccer and taking classes full time in the fall, I was doing part time classes, working, and doing internships at fish stores in both Connecticut and Maine (depending where I was staying for the time).

Primarily, I have been an aquatics specialist seasonally at Petco since early 2019. Here I have been able to learn how to do regular orders, special orders, catch fish without a net and minimal stress, maintain a variety of retail systems, rebuilding systems that had been left for by previous employees, building customer relations and keeping them through special orders and sales, assisting with merchandise, and plenty of other tasks that I would have never gained by being a stay-at-home reefer. 

When not indulged in the aquatic hobby, I am playing soccer, supporting my favorite sports teams (the Chicago Bears, Denver Nuggets, New York Islanders, Team Melli, and Real Madrid!), trading crypto and NFT's, learning about real estate, playing video games, and pursuing my degrees.