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Our 7 stage RODI saltwater offers options that will allow you to have a perfect system running at home. All mixes we offer can be stored long term for a few months at a time while staying consistent! Choose the salt mix that fits your needs.

Tropic Marin uses pharmaceutical ingredients while including all major & minor elements found in seawater.

Tropic Marin Pro Reef salt is perfect for those of us with LPS & soft corals. It is lower in alkalinity & pH to replicate natural sea water levels, so if you want to use this on a SPS system dosing or more water changes may be required to maintain your corals. This salt mix is the most consistent out of all the options, but again may require dosing or large water changes to maintain nutrient levels in an SPS system.

Tropic Marin Classic Salt is a clean option for most systems, but may require some minimal dosing for SPS systems (most likely calcium & magnesium). This salt is great for all systems if you’re looking for a higher alkalinity/pH content in your system.

Instant Ocean is a synthetic salt mix that offers two options. The classic salt mix runs pretty identical alkalinity & pH to their reef mix called “Reef Crystals”. Reef Crystals are more formulated for SPS tanks as it is higher in calcium & magnesium. Both salts mix pretty “dirty” as there are impurities in the synthetic non-pharmaceutical grade ingredients. We run all our salt mixes through a 1 micron filter to filter out these impurities and cut down on any “browning” of saltwater containers. Instant Ocean makes two great valuable options for most reefers. 

We also offer AquaForest by request so be sure to ask us about this mix when in store. 

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