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Aquacultured Tuxedo Urchin

Aquacultured Tuxedo Urchin

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Meet the Tuxedo Urchin – a creature of grace and utility in the world of marine aquariums. Its distinctive appearance, with a dark-spined "tuxedo" pattern against a lighter background, adds a touch of elegance to your underwater haven.

This captivating urchin isn't just a visual delight; it plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy aquarium. As a diligent algae grazer, the Tuxedo Urchin ensures your tank stays pristine, contributing to the well-being of your marine environment.

Imagine a marine companion that not only showcases a unique aesthetic but also aerates the substrate as it gracefully moves across the tank. The Tuxedo Urchin does just that, preventing detritus buildup and enhancing water circulation.

In terms of care, providing a spacious environment is key. A tank of at least 30 gallons offers the freedom for this charming creature to explore and fulfill its important role in your aquatic ecosystem. Maintaining stable water conditions, a mix of sand and rubble substrate, and a balanced diet ensures the Tuxedo Urchin thrives in your care.

As you introduce this delightful urchin into your marine world, you not only enhance the beauty of your tank but also benefit from a natural cleaner and substrate aerator. Should you have any questions or seek further insights into our marine offerings, feel free to reach out.

We get these from an aquaculture facility and can’t guarantee that another facility is keeping a sterile environment, so we do recommend QT’ing any aquacultured livestock!

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