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Arc Eye Hawkfish

Arc Eye Hawkfish

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Arc Eye Hawkfish for Sale:

Add a touch of drama and personality to your saltwater aquarium with the Arc Eye Hawkfish, a vibrant and engaging species known for its distinctive appearance and curious behavior. With its bold red body marked by a striking arc over its eye, this hawkfish is a standout in any marine display.

Care Requirements:
- Aquarium Size: Minimum of 30 gallons to provide ample space for swimming and perching.
- Water Conditions: Best kept in water temperatures between 72-78°F, with a pH of 8.1-8.4, and specific gravity of 1.020-1.025.
- Tank Setup: Provide a rocky reef environment rich in crevices and ledges for the Arc Eye Hawkfish to perch and watch over its territory. They prefer tanks with plenty of live rock to explore and claim as their own.

Feeding Needs:
- Diet: The Arc Eye Hawkfish is a carnivorous species, thriving on a diet of meaty foods such as small fish, shrimp, and squid. They are adept at hunting small invertebrates in the tank, so caution is advised when housing with small shrimp and crabs.
- Feeding Schedule: Feed small portions two to three times daily, ensuring the food is consumed quickly to maintain water quality.

Despite their semi-aggressive nature, Arc Eye Hawkfish can coexist with larger fish and similar-sized non-competitive species, making them suitable for a community tank if planned carefully. Their bold demeanor and interesting habits, such as resting on rocks and observing their surroundings, make them fascinating additions for aquarists seeking a more dynamic aquarium.

Choose YoCamron’s Aquatics for your Arc Eye Hawkfish and benefit from our expertise and dedication to providing healthy, vibrant marine life. Enhance your aquarium with this captivating predator, whose unique traits and behaviors promise to enrich your marine experience.

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