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Black Kuhli Loach

Black Kuhli Loach

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Kuhli Loaches are one of the hardiest fish in the freshwater hobby. These fish naturally occur in acidic waters with low GH, KH, and pH but they are able to readily adapt to high water hardness and thrive in it.

These fish can thrive in temperatures ranging from 72-86 degrees and only need about 20 gallons of swimming room. These fish do best in groups as safety in numbers will make them comfortable enough to roam your aquarium.

Kuhli Loaches are opportunistic feeders so they won’t deliberately go out hunting your snail population, but if you care about your snails then proceed with caution. They usually will not bother snails that are much bigger than them but I’ve seen them go after some pretty meaty snails in my time! 

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