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Bumblebee Shrimp

Bumblebee Shrimp

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Bumblebee shrimp are a unique shrimp species that will only grow up to an inch in length, so they are best kept in a nano system. Their bodies have a white color with a yellowish tint to it and are dressed with beautiful stripes that give it the appearance of a Bumblebee.

These shrimp are very peaceful but can become territorial with other Bumblebee shrimp. Just like the harlequin shrimp, they feed upon the tube feet of starfish. But, unlike the harlequin, the Bumblebee Shrimp does not require starfish for survival and can feed on meaty foods such as enriched brine, mysis, smaller pieces of fish, etc.

Great care should be taken into consideration when placing these shrimp with any fish. Water changes with a quality reef salt mix will help these shrimp thrive as they prefer lower nitrates and the trace elements allow them to happily molt. Contact us with any questions about these guys. Care level is Difficult!

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