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Coralife LED Clip On Light

Coralife LED Clip On Light

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  • Designed with a mounting screw so you can hook it to framed or frameless aquariums.
  • Illuminates the water by hovering over your underwater buddies’ aquarium.
  • Features a quick 3-way soft touch control—choose from all on, blue on or all off.
  • Had 60 LEDs with blue spectrum to give off that deep blue sea look.
  • Perfect for marine aquariums that can hold up to 20 gallons.

Make your aquarium really pop with Coralife’s Marine Aquarium Clip-On LED Light! It features 60 bright white and blue LEDs with blue spectrum to give your finned friends’ home that deep sea vibe, plus it has a fast three-way soft-touch control, allowing you to choose from all on, blue on and all off. This elegant light is designed to hover over framed or frameless aquariums—simply secure it with the easy mounting screw. Coralife’s Clip-On LED Light is ideal for marine aquariums that hold up to 20 gallons of water.

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