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Fluval 13.5 Gallon Evo Marine Aquarium Kit

Fluval 13.5 Gallon Evo Marine Aquarium Kit

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Fluval 13.5-Gallon Evo XII Marine Aquarium Kit


If you don’t have the space for a large aquarium, but you want to create an impressive fish habitat, check out the Fluval 13.5-Gallon Evo XII Marine Aquarium Kit. This kit comes with an aquarium, hood with an LED light and a three-stage filtration system—packing the same performance you’d see in a much larger aquarium. This Fluval nano saltwater tank can be great for helping you create a nano reef environment right on your desktop or counter. And if you need a stand to go with it, head over to our aquariums, kits and stands selection.  


The Fluval 13.5-Gallon Evo XII Marine Aquarium Kit comes with an Evo Reef LED, a high-quality, reef-capable light that’s designed to be powerful enough to help grow colorful coral and bright enough to make them look great. This Fluval Evo aquarium kit also comes with a professional filtration system, including oversized chemical and biological media. And all that tech doesn’t take away from its sleek, ultra-modern design, with a stylish honeycomb to help conceal the filter and other accessories.


The Fluval 13.5-Gallon Evo XII Marine Aquarium Kit can work for both saltwater and freshwater environments, and the powerful Evo Reef LED was truly created for coral. Your nano reef will often need durable and slow-growing species like mushroom, polyp and soft corals, which come in many shapes and colors. Take a look at our other 11- to 19-gallon aquarium kits or create a whole new habitat with freestanding large aquarium kits.

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