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Galaxy Koi Betta Male

Galaxy Koi Betta Male

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Bettas have been one of the most popular aquarium fish for the past 100 years. With this popularity, bettas have become even more brightly colored and beautifully shaped due to selective breeding in the hobby.

The galaxy koi specifically is one of the most sought after colors in the hobby today. Their smaller body shape and beautiful coloration makes them an ideal candidate for a community tank larger than 10 gallons. The personality of your Betta Fish will depend on if it will be able to do well with other fish.

If you are keeping your betta alone, we recommended a minimum of at least 2.5 gallons for smaller bodied ones like the Galaxy Koi. A filter and a heater are a must to keep bettas thriving. Though they have a labyrinth to breath air, they are much less stressed when they are able to use their gills. Bettas are also one of the only fish that is adaptable  to water parameters such as hardness, as we have observed ours breed in both low & higher hardness (which most fish will not do). 

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