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Pigeon Red Stone Discus

Pigeon Red Stone Discus

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The Pigeon Red Stone Discus is a beautiful colored discus that has been selectively bred to achieve the pattern and coloration it has today. Discus in general are tough to care for as they need higher temperatures, pristine water parameters, very soft water with low KH, GH, & pH, and they need to be fed often. 

These fish get up to 12 inches so if you are looking to keep them in groups you will need a very large tank. A minimum of 55 gallons is okay for a full grown trio, but I’d always recommend a bigger tank. 

As for grading them, I get these fish in all sorts of grades. I personally sort them out and determine which is a higher grade by the quality of coloration, pattern, and clearness of any peppering. 

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