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Tetra Whisper Aquarium Air Pump

Tetra Whisper Aquarium Air Pump

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Tetra Whisper Air Pumps for aquariums provide powerful, dependable airflow. Efficient and easy-to-use, Whisper Air Pumps are available in a range of sizes to handle the aeration needs of aquariums from 10 to 100 gallons. Tetra Whisper 20 Air Pump (non-UL) can be used in tanks 10 to 20 gallons. The Whisper Air Pump's patented dome shape and sound-dampening chambers minimize turbulence and produce a smooth, quiet stream of air. Its wide footprint, rubber feet and suspended pump motor eliminate sound-producing vibrations. Thick walls insulate motor noise, and powerful diaphragms provide ample airflow for deep water applications. Uses standard-size aquarium tubing. Select the proper size air pump for your tank.

  • - Powerful: Our Whisper Air Pump provides dependable airflow to your aquarium.
  • - Quiet: Patented dome shape, suspended motor and sound-dampening chambers for quiet operation.
  • - Provides oxygen and water movement: Keeps underwater pets happy.
  • - Available sizes: Select the proper size for your tank - 10, 20 and 40-gallon pumps have single air outlets, 60 and 100-gallon pumps feature dual outlets.
  • - Non-UL listed: Reliable performance at an economical cost.
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