Collection: Pre-Order Freshwater Livestock

Pre-Order livestock is livestock that we have received recently and is being medicated to get ready for sale. These fish are going through a vigorous process of medication that will see they are free of all gram negative & gram positive infections, internal & external parasites, plus any fungal infections.

They are guaranteed to arrive disease free, but it is your job to make sure you don’t introduce any diseases to the tank that can infect them. If you’ve bought fish from a big box store like Petco, then it’s best to sterilize your tank & fish before purchasing quarantined fish. If they become re-infected, it may be tougher to cure since some bacterias & protozoans can become medication resistant.

Our invertebrates are usually not treated with medicine, but will go in a fishless system so any diseases can die off without a fish to host them. We will sometimes treat sensitive inverts with antibiotics to avoid wasting disease, but this is usually not the case for freshwater.